Where can I buy your products?

You can purchase our products at our retail locations: Nanaimo, Delta, YVR Vancouver Airport – South Terminal (Richmond), Port Alberni, and Campbell River. Most of our products are also available for purchase online at stjeans.com or can be ordered by phone, 1-866-754-3191. We do have special seasonal products and sales that are in-store only, so please drop on by and say hello!

Our products are also available at a small number of boutique retailers and grocery stores on Vancouver Island, including Country Grocer and Pepper’s Foods (Victoria).

What is the shelf life of your canned salmon/tuna/oysters?

The minimum shelf life is five years, though most canned products will maintain their quality for a number of years after that, provided that the can is not damaged in any way.

What is the shelf life of your unopened retort pouches?

Approximately four years. Best-before dates are printed on each pouch.

What is the shelf life of your vacuum-packed frozen fish?

Our vacuum-packed fish, kept frozen, has a shelf life of approximately 18 months before the quality begins to degrade. Please note that vacuum-packing does not prolong freshness after the fish has been thawed.

What is the best way to thaw my frozen fish?

Thaw your fish overnight in the refrigerator. Once thawed, it should be consumed within three days.

What kind of wood do you use to smoke your salmon, tuna, and oysters?

Family secret! We can say that it is all-natural hardwood.

What should I do if I’m not satisfied with a St. Jean’s product?

Please contact us immediately so that we can deal with any issues or concerns: 1-866-754-3191 or info@stjeans.com.

How much will it cost to ship my order?

Retail product orders and sport fish processing orders are shipped under different rate programs.

Retail product orders (canned/non-perishables and frozen) are shipped via flat-rate shipping programs. Please visit our Shipping page for current rates.

Sport fish and processed sport fish orders are billed based on the weight of the order and the distance shipped. Shipping for canned orders (ground courier) is cheaper than frozen orders (priority air shipping). Please contact us if you’d like a shipping estimate on a sport order.

As well, you can avoid shipping costs by arranging to pick up your retail or sport fish order at one of our retail outlets in Nanaimo, Delta, YVR South Terminal (Richmond), Port Alberni, or Campbell River.

How will my order be shipped?

Orders of cans, foil pouches, most gift products, and non-perishables ship via ground couriers. Expedited shipping options are available for a higher fee.

Perishable/frozen products are shipped via priority air couriers. Our shipping staff will contact you to arrange for a shipment/delivery date. We never ship frozen orders without arranging the delivery date first. (We don’t want frozen salmon thawing on your front porch!)

Please visit our Shipping page for current rates. Retail products are shipping via a flat-rate shipping program while sport fish orders are billed based on the weight and delivery location.

As well, you can avoid shipping costs by arranging to pick up your order at one of our retail outlets in Nanaimo, Delta, YVR South Terminal (Richmond), Port Alberni, or Campbell River.

Does St. Jean’s ship outside of Canada and the USA?

We do—with certain restrictions for some parts of the world. Please call us at 1-866-754-3191 (request the shipping department) to make arrangements.

When should I order gift baskets to ensure they arrive by Christmas?

Our “safe” zone is usually the first week of December for USA orders and the second week of December for Canadian orders, but please contacts us to confirm shipping times. (Or, for a safe bet, place your order in October or November!)

PS. Gift baskets, boxes, and tins are impactful gifts year-round!

What kinds of sport-caught fish will St. Jean’s process?

We process sport-caught salmon, tuna, halibut, and ground fish. Please contact us if you have any questions about other species. As well, while high-quality fish of any species can be processed in any way with decent results, we can recommend processes that will work best with your catch.

How should I package my fish to be brought in to St. Jean’s for processing?

Most people transport their fish in coolers with ice. Do not wrap your fish in newspaper, tissue paper, or plastic wrap. If you are freezing your fish at home before bringing to St. Jean’s, please wrap it in freezer paper. We can accept fish fresh or frozen. Fish can be whole, cleaned (heads off/guts out), or filleted. We always weigh your fish when you drop it off. Because hot smoking, cold smoking, and Indian Candy is billed based on incoming weight, you are at an advantage if you bring in fish that is already cleaned, with heads off and guts out. If you are canning your fish, you only pay for the cans you receive, so there is no cost benefit to filleting your fish beforehand; however, leaving the guts in causes your fish to degrade much more rapidly, so you are strongly advised to clean your fish beforehand in order to maximize the quality of the fish meat. Often, during busy periods (including the heart of sport fish season, from June-October), we will not accept fish with guts. To be on the safe side, always clean your fish

How can I get my fish from a fishing lodge to St. Jean’s?

Most fishing lodges on the BC coast have shipping arrangements with us; simply speak to your guide or host. We also have a series of drop-off depots in western BC that can ship your fish to our processing plant. Click here to see a list of our drop-off locations.

Where do you get your fish?

Our fish is wild-caught from Pacific Northwest salmon and tuna fisheries.

How long does it take to get my sport fish order back to me?

You will need to allow 10-12 weeks for processing and delivery, especially during the peak of the sport fish season (June-September). However, most orders will be completed more quickly.

Note: international orders often take longer because of volume shipping and customs requirements outside of St. Jean’s controls.

How can I be sure that fish I sent in for processing is the same fish I get back?

We follow a comprehensive tracking system to ensure that you receive your own fish back, beginning with your initial processing card. Each card documents the store, depot, or lodge drop-off point and assigns a St. Jean’s number to your order. This information stays with your fish during the entire process.

Are your cans BPA-free?


How are your canned salmon and tuna different from other brands?

Most canned salmon and tuna are cooked twice; once before canning, and once during the canning process. However, we only cook our fish once, during the canning process. We believe that this allows the fish to retain more of its natural flavour and nutrients, and it’s still ready to eat right out of the can. As well, we don’t add any extra water, oil, or fillers to our canned salmon and tuna. Finally, we hand-pack all of our cans to ensure that portions are correct and quality is always high!

What are your operating hours?

Our operating hours at our retail stores and processing plant vary depending on the season. Please refer here to find current hours.

Why do my cart items disappear while browsing?

Please ensure you have ‘cookies’ enabled in your browser; this is what remembers your cart additions as you continue to browse the website.

How can I apply for employment at St. Jean’s?

Please visit any of our retail stores and ask to fill out an application form. We’d love to have you as part of our team! Our busiest hiring season is in the late spring as we prepare for the summer sport fish season; there are typically a good number of seasonal positions available (customer service, shipping, warehouse, fish processing) in addition to long-term employment.

Don’t see your questions in our Frequently Asked Questions list? Drop us a line at info@stjeans.com or call toll-free 1-866-754-3191. We’ll be happy to help.Frequently Asked Questions | St. Jean's Cannery